(Portfolio Analysis)

Marketing Bullets:

  • Fulcrum Resolve is the work horse of our Solution Suite.
  • It can process hundreds of thousands of case files at a time, examining the files for potential areas of Fraud, Mismanagement, Documentation Errors, Compliance Audits, etc.
  • The results of the analytics can be presented in Summary Reports, Individual Case File Results, or graphical Slice-and-Dice Pivot Patterns that enable users to spot trends or correlations in a very visual format.
  • As all the Solutions are capable of doing, Fulcrum Resolve applications can reach out to any third-party data source for incorporating specific data points into the final analysis.

Includes the following Modules/Features:

  • Customer Management
    • Registration and Approval Process
    • Roles and Permissions
    • Approved Products and Services
  • Vendor Management
    • Registration and Approval Process
    • Roles and Permissions
    • Products/Services Configuration
    • Product/Services Pricing
  • Order Management
    • Order Entry
    • Product/Service Ordering Workflow
    • Status Updates
  • Accounting
    • Credit Limits
    • Billing
    • Online Payments

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