The Technology

Fulcrum - Our Solutions Framework

Over the years, we have continued to refine our very powerful Solutions Framework (FULCRUM). It includes a DECISION ENGINE, a WORKFLOW ENGINE, an INTEGRATIONS HUB, a MESSAGING PLATFORM and a REPORTING MODULE.

This best-of-breed framework enables us to quickly configure our 'tool-kit of functionality and features’ and ‘white-label’ solutions that satisfy our customers’ unique requirements.

The FULCRUM framework lays the foundation for all operational tasks, enabling institutions to efficiently streamline and leverage their best-practices across an enterprise-wide system.

Our bundled “out-of-the-box”, quick-start SOLUTIONS are offered as scalable, secure, cloud-based, enterprise-ready solutions and come equipped with the following standard modules:

  • Individual or Batch Analtyics
  • Report Generation
  • Administrative Dashboards and Management Views
  • Configurable User-based Permissions and Roles
  • Configurable Workflow Stages
  • Configurable Work-Queue Views
  • Custom-tailored Entry Screens
  • Built-in End-to-End Case File Management
  • Tasks Management
  • Exception Messaging and Alerts
  • Third Party Service Integrations
  • Document Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)